Integrated Regional Coastal Water Management Plan

When you have 80 agencies working together to integrate and prioritize 150 watershed projects, you need a structured platform for planning, implementation and performance monitoring. S4S provided the Newport Bay Watershed Management Committee with Claros to support their IRWMP (Integrated Regional Water Management Plan). S4S is worked with local consulting partners to support an annual planning and performance management process, resulting in a clear set of process steps, strategic projects, and working groups. We set up Claros to increase the effectiveness of collaboration between the various agencies and organizations working toward watershed restoration.

Fraser Salmon & Watersheds Program, British Columbia


A $20M 5-year program that funds and manages 300 projects in order to change how salmon and salmon ecosystems are managed in watershed half the size of California - that's quite the coordination and logistics challenge, and S4S's first customer for Claros!  We helped FSWP set up their operations process, and delivered planning and collabortion support through Claros. They helped us understand where day-to-day efficiencies needed to be added to Claros, and we helped them by providing a tracking system to shepherd  and log 100's of projects through a sophisticated process of proposals, technical reviews, funding requirements, and reviews. 

Living Rivers initiative, British COlumbia 

Fraser Basin - Shared Outcomes Logic Model

S4S led a collaborative planning and visioning process between federal and provincial governments, First Nations, NGOs and other parties to identify shared outcomes and activities in the Fraser Watershed, including critical areas such as Planning & Governance, Ecosystem Function, and Sustainable Resource Management. S4S acted as lead consulting firm and collaborated with BMB Consulting (Ottawa), Chartwell Group (Toronto), and Price Waterhouse Coopers (Vancouver) - to design and facilitate a process that brought together all of the key parties working on the Fraser Watershed to enhance their collaboration.  With our partners, S4S developed outcome frameworks to support the implementation of this large collaborative program that leveraged existing frameworks and methodologies in use in provincial, national and international jurisdictions. The results and lessons learned from this initiative are being extended to other collaboration initiatives regionally and nationally in Canada.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Conservation NGOs of Canada

CNGO-DFO Coalition Visioning Initiative

S4S facilitated a coalition building, visioning and strategic plan implementation process between DFO's Habitat Division and nine of the largest Conservation NGOs in Canada who are working on the conservation, protection, and restoration of aquatic habitat in Canada. The NGOs involved had over 1.5 million members and covered all geographic regions of Canada as well as the marine jurisdictions. The coalition developed a shared outcomes logic model that allowed it to speak with a single voice regarding key issues, priorities, and the actions required to enhance protection and conservation of aquatic habitat in all corners of Canada.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada/Fraser Basin Council (BC)

Integrated Salmon Dialogue Forum

Working towards a fully sustainable salmon fishery in ways that respect the Wild Salmon Policy and serve both people and salmon can be challenging. S4S is co-facilitating a collaborative and inclusive dialogue forum to being leaders from all governments, First Nations and interested parties together to enter into deep dialogue on key issues and challenges facing salmon in Pacific Canada and build new governance, compliance and decision-making processes and structures. S4S is leading a process to establish a region-wide Monitoring and Compliance Panel made up of governments, First Nations, resource sector, NGO and citizens representatives to develop and implement monitoring and compliance best practices in the Pacific Region.

Royal Roads University Foundation (Canada)

Robert Bateman Centre for Art and Environmental Education

S4S provided facilitation and advisory services to support planning, design and development of the Robert Bateman Centre for Art and Environmental Education at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC. Renowned naturalist and wildlife artist Robert Bateman endowed Royal Roads University with $10.7 million worth of original art, prints, photographs, archival materials, and funds.  The endowment not only kept Robert Bateman’s body of artistic work in Canada, it also presented a unique opportunity to demonstrate Royal Roads University's commitment to sustainable development and to help the university become an “off-the-grid” carbon-neutral university, and a model for environmental learning and research.  See and for more information.

Fraser Basin Council and Pacific Salmon Foundation (British COlumbia)

FSWP Development and Support

S4S provided the Fraser Salmon and Watersheds Program with consulting and collaboration technology services to support ongoing delivery of their program on the reaches of the Fraser River watershed in BC, Canada. S4S facilitated strategic planning and implementation processes to assist the program in developing key outcomes and priorities required to support the strategic objectives identified by the program funders and the Board. We held training workshops and supported Claros users to support engagement and implementation activities for over 300 separate projects related to habitat stewardship & restoration, governance, fisheries management, and education and awareness.