Claros is an on-line support system for the people who are collaborating on your sustainability program.  It has cool features for knowledge management,  strategic plans, program process, tracking projects -- lots of tools for day-to-day operations and year-by year progress.

Engage people better, implement your program faster, and achieve your goals more efficiently through better planning, communication, collaboration, and reporting. Claros is do-more-with-less solution for saving money on coordination and administration.

With Claros you can:

  1. Implement, manage, and measure a complicated sustainability program - in one place.
  2. Bring together many people across many agencies to execute many projects - effectively. 
  3. Stay on top of continuously evolving plans, processes, and teams - efficiently. 

With Claros, people in "a community of working groups" (open or private) can:

  • See the big-picture plan, and the process for achieving goals, in relation to their projects and tasks. 
  • Assemble and share knowlege, connections, and ideas as a community striving to make a difference.
  • Share the work and manage themselves as a team, working in an environment with structure, accountability, and security.

You'll get the most out of participants with Claros -- they will feel more involved, they will understand better how their  projects will advance worthwhile goals, and they will be connected despte being scattered across organizations and geography.

You are going to hit frustrations and complications as your sustainability program is implemented and develops. Key people drop out, budgets get re-allocated, new opportunities arise. Claros is designed to help you get through the problems, keep the program running, and rack up the achievements... by providing flexibility and transparency, by assembling knowledge and never losing information, by helping people know what to do next ... so that plans become actions and your strategy for sustainability becomes a success.