Professional Services and User Support

We are here to help. S4S will support you through the design, implementation, and review of your sustainability program. We are skilled and experienced people who will work beside you, physically and virtually, to:

  1. Apply conceptual management frameworks like Adaptive Management or Corporate Sustainabilty Reporting - for your situation with your participants.
  2. Facilitate planning sessions - define your program's goals, strategies, projects, process, and progress indicators.
  3. Re-jig internal process and communications - to take advantage of Claros.
  4. Engage stakeholders and funders - new communication plans and materials.
  5. Train the trainers - staff and volunteers will use new skills and new tools for internal engagement and external outreach. 
  6. Stimulate collaboration and communication - find opportunities for Web2.0 within your organization, with your partners and clients, and with the public.